About Us

Solutions OP Ltd was founded on 1 December 2011 and is currently based in the United Kingdom but working with clients internationally. We a family – owned business with great passion for clinical research and drug development. Our team has been involved in clinical trials management and monitoring in Eastern and Western Europe since 2005.

We are a clinical research consultancy and not a CRO. What that means is that we offer services based on our clients needs instead of a CRO-subscription model. As result our clients pay only for the work we have done for them and not monthly instalments.


Olga Peycheva, Managing Director

Olga has been one of the founders of Solutions OP Ltd since Dec 2011. 

She started working as clinical trials coordinator back in 2005 and later move to clinical research associate role. She has worked for a few big pharmaceutical companies and CROs but also for small and mid-size pharmaceutical and biotech companies and CROs. In the recent years she has focused on working in regulatory and study start up, which allowed her to gain more in depth experience working with medicinal products and medical devices.

Olga has a special passion for supporting start-up and small companies who are looking to develop their first product.

She has obtained BSc in Biotechnology and MSc in Medical and Pharmacological Biophysical Chemistry from Sofia University, Bulgaria. She has later studied Quality management in Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland. 

You can learn more about Olga and the services that the company provides from our podcast .

Peter Todorov, Financial Director

Peter has been one of the founders of Solutions OP Ltd since Dec 2011.

Peter is responsible for managing financial operations but also managing external vendors providing services to Solutions OP Ltd. Prior to that Peter was working on different positions in social services in governmental and non-governmental institutions.

He has obtained MSc in Clinical Social Work at Sofia University, Bulgaria and have several specialisations in Germany, Irelands and the Netherlands. 

Galina Petrikova, Regulatory and Study Start Up Manager 

Galina joined Solutions OP Ltd in Sep 2022 as Regulatory and Study Start Up Manager. Prior to that she has worked as Senior Clinical Trials Manager at Royal Marsden Hospital where she has gained experience in setting up and running different types of clinical trials. She also has experience working in laboratories in clinical settings from the US and Japan.

She obtained BSc in Medical Laboratory Science from Hunter College/CUNY in the USA and then MSc in Clinical and Experimental Medicine from University College London, UK. 

Lydia Ainsworth, Clinical Data Quality Manager

Lydia joined Solutions OP Ltd in Feb 2023 as Clinical Data Quality Manager. Prior to that she was a senior data manager at Christie Hospital where she gained experience at data management in phase 1 clinical trials unit. She also has a strong background in academic research. 

She obtained a BSc in Psychology at The University of Manchester, UK.

Wai Theng Lee, Clinical Research Partnerships Manager

Wai Theng joined Solutions OP Ltd in Apr 2024. She has extensive experience in business development and sales in the start-up and biotech industry. She also has a strong academic research experience.

She obtained a BSc in Medical Laboratory and Biotechnology at Taipei Medical University, Taiwan.