“Clinical trials monitoring is often considered as limited to therapeutic area knowledge and monitoring experience, ignoring the vital part of the process – the soft skills, or the ability to work with people. Building proper work relationship with healthcare staff working on clinical trials could affect the project timelines, quality of work and Sponsor Company’s image. Therefore, more attention has to be paid on providing guidance and training the monitoring team so they can possess adequate soft skills and be able to face the challenges working with people who do not operate under their authority.
This white paper will discuss practical approaches in building work relationships with healthcare staff based on our company philosophy and experience.
“Team work” and “collaboration” are the most common terms used by management teams when it comes to managing people. However, teamwork and collaboration are not easily applied when the Sponsor’s representative have to work with healthcare staff who is under resourced, experienced high turnover and not legally obliged to respond to urgent requests. Still the outcome of lack of proper work relationship with healthcare staff could be significant: high turnover, missed deadlines, decline in quality of work, frustration, negative image of the Sponsor Company, etc. “
Download the whole white paper here: White Paper: Clinical Trials - The Art of Site Management (391 downloads)