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If you are running small study it will be more cost effective to have a small team to do everything for you.

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We enjoy meeting and supporting all these lovely people working at the hospitals.

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Your project is important for us!

Why new drugs fail?

Why new drugs fail?

According to current data average time and cost of a new drug to reach the market is 12 years and costs £1.15 billion but what is not included in this statistics is the fact that many new potential drugs never make it to the market due to various reasons. European...
Innovative Clinical Trial Designs: overview

Innovative Clinical Trial Designs: overview

Those who have worked on clinical trials for many years probably remember the rigidity of the clinical protocols and how often clinicians complained that the study design is out of touch with reality. The new tendency of using innovative clinical trial designs shows...
Review: Is clinical trial design fit for purpose?

Review: Is clinical trial design fit for purpose?

It is not a secret that the research and development in the pharmaceutical industry is very costly, time-consuming, risky and not particularly efficient. According to estimates bringing new drugs on the market could cost between $800 million and $2 billion. Failure in...
CAR T cells and the future of HIV therapy

CAR T cells and the future of HIV therapy

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells have been studied for over 25 years and are very successful in some types of cancer. With more than 30 million people living with HIV infection there were great hopes that CAR T cells method can help achieve “cure” but...